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One of the main aims at lES Zoco is to promote the mobility of the vocational  students all through the European community.  We believe that this experience  will help them develop and upgrade both their professional and linguistic capabilities  together  with their personal growth.


  1. The procedure for the selection of the partners will be made through personal contacts, preparatory  visits, and wilh the help of public institutions  such us our local government,  consortiums  and chambers  of commerce. The choice of parlners has taken into account both the interests of students and the improvement of the language from the country of destination.

We would like to establish  an agreement  of collaboration  with the entities that meet the following  requirements:

  • Ability to provide theoretical and practical training both for students or staft
  • Ability to organize the schedules and the services needed to guarantee  a good location and to meet the needs of students and/or
  • Available human resources to monitor and support the people in the

 B. The eligible candidates will be from the EU to fulfill one of the aims of the Erasmus Charter, support the strengthening  of and European  site of education  and

 The main aims to get:

  • Provide quality training and increase competitiveness within the European labour market, increasing the chances of specialization mainly for students and
  • Enable the socio-cultural and linguistic exchange and the strengthening of relationships among the EU member
  • Improve the employability and social cohesion, supporting lifelong learning promoting linguistic and intercultural skills.
  • Encourage innovation and development and promote the use of The development  of mobility initiatives  is not only beneficial for those who are shifted but also for the whole educational  community  involved  in the process, because we have to adapt to new methodologies  and support cooperative  work in ICT.
  • Integrate the students in a sociocultural  environment,  providing  accommodation,  either at residence  halls, families  or shared flats, so that the students  could improve their knowledge  of the language,  know their culture and uses and join their daily
  • Promote equal opportunities  in the selection  of the students and The selection criteria will be respectful in terms of equality
  1. a. The They will participate in the mobility intend lo complement their studies andlor the training at the working place. This practical training is compulsory to get the degree.
  2. Staff (management and teachers). They will be able to join mobility programs that expand and develop their professional competences.

 lES Zoco has held meetings and organized  the information  in several certified documents  such as the annual curriculum  of the school and so create a team to fulfill these projects within the planning of the school organization.  The goals of this coordination  are:

  • To achieve cooperation and join the efforts of the whole community  through arranging tasks, encouraging  communication, internal and external cooperation  between participating  partners,  and the fostering  of cooperation  between the main school departments.
  • To keep the whole community informed of everything  related to the projects within the Erasmus  Programme  through the website  and our blog, the weekly newslet1er, as well as posters and
  • This coIlaborative effort will organize  the projects to be carried out within the programme  such as  innovative  and specified training, p1acement, documents,  travel and
  • Assessrnent and accreditation  of everything  related to this program: use of documents  such as
  • To share the experience of participants  by means of different media to serve as community  

 We have also included other departments  of our high school (Foreign Languages,  Employment  Counselling and Training, Workplace  Training) in the organizational  structure  of the programme  to promote and coIlaborate on the execution  of the project.

 Our students and professionals  in general. are going to work in an increasingly  internationalized  world.  Due to this, language  skills, cultural  knowledge  and keeping up with new professional technologies  will be valued characteristics  of employees.

The Erasmus  Program  will provide us with positive achievements  from 2014 to 2020. In this way five priorities must be taken into account:

  1. To increase the number of graduate

Thanks to the Erasmus Charter an added value is achieved.  It will guarantee that a number of students show interest in Vocational  Training Studies. The industrial area surrounding  I.E.S. Zoco offers posts related to these studies.

  1. To improve quality and importance of applicants ' training to be better

By means of a selection  of firms and of European  institutions,  our applicants  will be able to acquire new skills and to improve their professional  ones.


  1. To provide our students with more opportunities as regards work training

The relationships  I.E.S.Zoco has with all the firms and institutions  it has worked or has signed agreements  with will allow our students get high skilled training in everything  they have leamed.

  1. To encourage relationships  among educational  institutions  and

We would like innovation  to be the main characteristie  when teaching in an educational  institution  by means of signing strategic  allianees. We want to select at least three Europan firms in arder to carry out our teaehing and training experienees.

  1. To look forward to governing  and

Our institution would like to strengthen  management  according  lo judgement  which may be compared  to other institutions we have worked  with. Through  innovative  teaching projects we aim at promoting  research  in the classroom.  

The Erasmus Charler  makes it possible for every student in higher education  to have work training  in firms which will provide them with skills they cannol  get inside the educational  institution.

The teachers will al so be able to take part in formative  processes,  both in institution with higher level studies as well as in firms. Thus they will improve their teaching skills. The principal will also take part by means for signing agreements  with other educational  institutions  and with outstanding  firms.

When the Erasmus Charter  is no longer in effect, the students are expected to be more likely to work in a European  Union country, to increase cultural acceptance  and to get used to various productive  backgrounds.  They should be familiar  with processes and with technology  so as to increase I.E.S. Zoco teaching level.

I.E.S. ZOCO (Córdoba) -  C/ José María Martorell S/N  -  TLF.: 957379764

Diseñado por J.A. González